Your Story is waiting to be told...


At Blue Dolphin Videos, we believe in the strength of visual media to express the passion we, as individuals or groups, have for our work, our family, our ideals and values. From concept to production to dissemination, Blue Dolphin Videos can produce your perfect video at whatever stage in life you or your business has reached.  We aim to visually express the heart behind your story because that is what makes every individual or company unique.  



What makes us different?

At the core of Blue Dolphin Videos is a talented creative team who brings effective video strategies to any project.  We enjoy collaborating with our clients in order to provide the proper attention to detail we believe your story deserves.  We are constantly updating our workflow, equipment, and pricing, to align with your personal or business needs.  Stories are about people and video allows us to connect with a world wide audience.  If you need to express an idea, sell a product, or capture a fleeting moment in time, we are here for you.