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 Featured Project: Kaiser permanente, San francisco

and alzheimers Association


How do you inspire participation?

Every year, the Alzheimers Association host a “Walk to End Alzheimers” that traverses the beautiful streets of San Francisco. It's an amazing event for a foundation fighting a disease with no known cure. Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco employees participate every time and have found the experience to be more than just a "walk". In the hope of increase supportTheir goal was to encourage staff the participation among their staff. In collaborating with Kaiser Permanente San Francisco and the Alzheimer's Association, we felt that if their staff understood just how much their participation meant to the Alzheimer's Association, as well as to the many lives touched by Alzheimer's, they would be inspired to donate or volunteer. We sought to communicate that the "Walk to End Alzheimer's" isn't just about Alzheimer's and research; it's about people. It's about engaging in your community and supporting everyone in your life that Alzheimer's affects.