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Learning and Development

Do you have new employees and patients that need training or instruction? Are there new procedures or information that you need your employees to know and learn? Whether it’s creating training/instructional videos to documenting conferences/workshops, let us assist you in developing and educating your staff so they can maintain a high standard of care and adapt to an evolving world.

featured project: kaiser permanente, San Francisco.

Integrative oncology


“What’s that mean?!”

Patients can have a lot of questions. We teamed with Kaiser Permanente San Francisco's Integrative Oncology Department to answer the question, "What is Integrative Oncology for Breast Cancer Survivors?" Well, it can be a program. It can be a treatment. It can also be a way of life. But how do you present all that information into a digestable packet for patients to understand? We decided that an instructional video format would be an appropriate solution. The purpose of this video is to help facilitate a discussion between doctor and patient about what Integrative Oncology is and what it can do for them. The result is having an informed patient that can have an active role in their own treatment. The video is also short in length so that it can be shared online or sent through email.