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The nurturing of a doctor-patient relationship is critical in providing outstanding healthcare. Patients are much more responsive when they are familiar with their doctor and trust them to provide the best care available. We can offer a line of communication to your patients that is modern and personal.


adult family medicine


How do you calm your patient’s anxieties?

Patients need to feel comfortable with and trust their doctors in order to openly share concerns they have about their health. With this project, we collaborated with Kaiser Permanente Fremont’s Adult Family Medicine Department to calm these anxieties by further developing the doctor-patient relationship. To accomplish this goal, we created short "bio" videos for each doctor in the department. This introduction allowed patients to familiarize themselves with their doctor before they even step into a facility. This raised patient comfort level and fostered an open line of communication between doctor and patient. The result was an increase in patient satisfaction which was tracked through patient satisfaction surveys.